Robust Details Limited (RDL)

Robust Details Limited (RDL) provides a route to compliance for Part E of the Building Regulations (England and Wales). It may be used as an alternative to on-site pre-completion sound testing and is recognized in the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Performance Standards

Airborne sound insulation of separating walls and floors Impact sound transmission of separating floors
Individual values must be 47dB DnT.W+CTR 60dB DnT.W+CTR
Mean values must be 50dB DnT.W+CTR 57dB DnT.W+CTR 


Note: The mean value is calculated from the arithmetic mean of the 30 individual values, where the rounding is based on a single decimal place.

All Monarfloor® floating floor treatments (FFT’s) comply with the performance criteria set out within Robust Details: Appendix A, C and D and can be used with all Robust Details floating floor solutions.

Monarfloor® Bridgestop® is accepted for use within most Robust Detail Party Walls: Appendix A – August 2008 as an additional flanking detail where walls are to be built off a continual raft or slab.

A number of Monarfloor’s ‘second generation’ products are currently undergoing the Robust Details CRD assessment for approval as Proprietary Robust Details. 

Who are Robust Details?

Robust Details Ltd assess and approve new Part E Robust Details and provide a registration service that enables builders to use them in the construction of their new homes and avoid the delays and uncertainties of pre-completion sound testing. Registering and building in accordance with Robust Details avoids the risk and uncertainty of remedial action being required on completed floor or wall constructions, with the potential delays in completing the property. Robust Details may only be used for new build residential dwellings.

What is their Role?

  • Approve new Robust Details as a method of satisfying Building Regulations
  • Manage the use of Robust Details in the house-building industry by enabling builders or their representatives to use them in new, attached homes.
  • Monitor the performance of Robust Details and withdraw any that consistently fail to meet the required standards.
  • Promote the use of Robust Details and publish information to help the industry improve the sound insulation performance of separating walls and floors in new homes.
  • RDL is the only authority able to undertake this role.

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