The Home Quality Mark (HQM)

The Home Quality Mark (HQM) has been created to serve the UK’s house builders and the householders who buy and rent new homes.

HQM will help house builders to demonstrate the high quality of their homes and to differentiate them in the marketplace. At the same time, it will give householders the confidence that the new homes they are choosing to buy or rent are well designed and built, and cost effective to run.

The Home Quality Mark will do this by providing impartial information from independent experts on a new home’s quality. It clearly indicates to householders the overall expected costs, health and wellbeing benefits, and environmental footprint associated with living in the home. In short, HQM helps everyone to fully understand the quality, performance and attributes of a new-build home.

Developed by BRE, the UK’s leading building science centre, the Home Quality Mark is based on years of building standards experience, and is part of the successful BREEAM family of quality and sustainability standards.


01 Sound insulation between homes

up to 4 credits
Criteria 1 

It must be demonstrated that the homes achieves the targets set out in Table 14 on page 70 for airborne and impact sound insulation taking into account both separating walls and floors between homes either through:

- A programme of pre-completion testing by a Complaint Test Body (see CN1 on the facing page) in accordance with the Methodology section.

  - Where all relevant building elements have been registered with Robust Details Limited; please see www.robustdetails.com for relevant constructions capable of achieving the performance targets given in Table 14 on page 70.
02. Sound insulations between rooms
up to 4 credits
Criteria 2 The targets set out in Table 15 on page 70 for airborne sound insulation are met, and this is demonstrated through testing with an acoustics laboratory in accordance with the methodology section. 
Criteria 3

Suitably Qualified Acoustician (SQA) must pass on critical information to relevant construction professionals outlining key issues that have the potential to reduce sound insulation during the construction process, including as a minimum:

Criteria - 3a Information on the means to ensure that sockets, switches, down lights and other services or other perforations maintain the acoustic performance where otherwise it may be compromised.

Criteria 3b - Guidance relating to appropriate junction details at the head, foot and perimeter of the partition or floor.


Sound insulation between homes

Where pre-completion acoustic testing is the preferred route for achieving the credits, as a minimum, one set of tests for every 10 homes in a group (houses, apartments or bungalows are defined as the groups) and each sub-group (typically these are different construction type groups) is required. In the event of less than 10 properties, one set of tests is carried out. Usually one unit should be “selected” to determine the number of tests required as follows:

Table Number of tests forming a set of tests

Group Type Airborne tests,
separating walls
Airborne tests,
separating floors
Impact tests,
separating floors
Houses or bungalows 2 0 0 2
Apartments 2 2 2 6


The actual number of tests possible may be limited by the layout, where this is the case then the compliant test body should clearly identify why the full number of tests was not feasible within the test report or covering correspondence.

Tests should be carried out in accordance with the test standards referenced by the relevant national regulations.

Checklists, Tables & Illustrations

Table Sound insulation levels for separating walls and floors

Credits* Airborne sound insulationDnT,w+Ctr (dB)(minimum values) Impact sound insulationL’nT,w (dB)(maximum values)
  separating walls and floors  Separating floors only
 1 48 59
 3 50 57
 4 53 54
 *Credits should be awarded based on the worst performing wall or floor


Table Sound insulation levels for internal walls and floors

Credits* Airborne sound insulation Rw (dB)(minimum values)
 2  43
 3  45
 4  48
 *Credits should be awarded based on the worst performing wall or floor

Monarfloor® Acoustic Systems can give you a quick and easy route to either three or four credits that are not only cost-neutral but also provide opportunities for further savings within the specification and build.

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