Ecohomes aims to ensure that the performance standards for sound insulation in Approved Document E (2003 edition) are achieved through a commitment to pre-completion testing using, or checked by, test bodies with UKAS accreditation. It also aims to reward developments that make a commitment to achieve higher levels of sound insulation than the minimum performance standards in Approved Document E (2003 edition).

Performance Standards

Whilst the sound insulation components of the Building Regulations in Scotland and Northern Ireland differ from the English Part E (2003) credits are not affected by those differences.

The sound insulation levels set out in the English Regulations, Part E 2003, provide the highest standards throughout the UK and are therefore used as a basis for Ecohomes.

Credit Summary - Improvement on Part E Regulations (dB)

Credits Airborne sound insulation of separating walls and floors Impact sound transmission of separating floors
1 0 0
2 0 0
3 +3 -3
4 +5 -5

The above table is a simplified form of the credit requirements for reference only. 

What Ecohomes Provides

Ecohomes is a version of BREEAM for homes. It provides an authoritative rating for converted or renovated homes, and covers houses, flats and apartments.

Ecohomes balances environmental performance with the need for a high quality of life and a safe and healthy internal environment. Many of the issues are optional, ensuring Ecohomes is flexible enough to be tailored to a particular development or market.

Ecohomes assessments can be carried out at both the design stage or post construction for major refurbishment and conversion projects.

In April 2007 the Code for Sustainable Homes replaced Ecohomes for the assessment of new housing in England. Ecohomes 2006 will continue to be used for refurbished housing in England, for all housing in Scotland and new built housing not built by Registered Social Landlords in Wales.


All dwellings, throughout the development, must meet the requirements of the relevant Ecohomes performance standards.

Monarfloor® Acoustic Systems can give you a quick and easy route to either three or four credits that are not only cost-neutral but also provide opportunities for further savings within the specification and build.

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