Monarfloor Wall Cap 200

Acoustic isolation and energy insulating system for flanking walls within multi-rise developments.

Monarfloor® Wall Cap 200 isolates the load-bearing leaves from the precast floor plank, reducing the acoustic flanking sound transmission within the structure. Monarfloor Wall Cap 200 also ensures the integrity of acoustic treatments for party floors.

Monarfloor Wall Cap 200 Acoustic Isolation System for Flanking Walls within Multi-Rise Developments

Features & Benefits

  • Isolates the precast floor plank from the load bearing flanking wall.
  • Reduces the flanking sound transmission energy within the structure.
  • Superior acoustic isolation and damping performance.
  • Can be used as an isolator / innovative flanking detail with any acoustic flooring treatment.
  • Easily installed within current standard wall constructions.
  • Significantly improves the acoustic isolation of the building when used in conjunction with other Monarfloor acoustic systems for party walls and floors.
  • Ensures the robustness of acoustic systems for party walls and party floors.
  • Demonstrates a significant cost saving and flexibility in the design and build of the building.
  • Surpasses performance requirements of Approved Document E of the Building Regulations.
  • Can be used to improve the acoustic performance and gain credits towards The Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • 3-4 cost-neutral credits for the code for Sustainable Homes when used with other Monarfloor acoustic systems based on PCT test evidence (200mm floor planks required for 4 credits). 
  • Product Range

    Product Code Description Dimension Weight (approx) Unit of Sale
    2003747 Monarfloor Wall Cap 200 3.8mm x 200mm x 8m 8 Kg Per Box

    Note: Monarfloor Wall Cap 200 kit comprises of 1 roll of Wall Cap membrane and 15 Wall Cap clips) 

  • Product Data and Performance

    Performance Data:

    Wall Cap Membrane – Bitumen composite with acoustically rated fillers and fire retardant.

    Wall Cap Clips – Structural grade galvanised steel.


    Wall Cap Membrane – 200mm wide x 8m long x 3.8mm thick rolls.

    Wall Cap Clips – 15mm wide x 104.9mm long x 75mm deep

    Weight/Kit: 8kg
  • Installation Video

  • Installation Guide

    Monarfloor® Wall Cap 200 System installed on a flanking wall.

    Monarfloor® Wall Cap 200 System installed on a flanking wall.

    1 Monarfloor® Wall Cap Clips   3 Precast Floor Planks
    2 Monarfloor® Wall Cap 200 Membrane  


    Monarfloor® general detail showing 3-4 credit solution for the Code for Sustainable Homes (using 200mm precast planks).

    Monarfloor® general detail showing 3-4 credit solution for the Code for Sustainable Homes (using 200mm precast planks).

    1 Monarfloor® Tranquilt® System   3 Monarfloor® Wall Cap Clips
    2 Monarfloor® Isolation Strip   4 Monarfloor® Wall Cap 200 Membrane

    Installation at a glance

    • Build the flanking walls to the desired height.
    • Roll the Wall Cap 200 membrane over the masonry inner leaf along its length, return the overhangs down the face of the masonry blocks and retain in place with the Wall Cap clips located at approximately 600mm centres.
    • For jointing and detailing, butt the Wall Cap membrane tight and locate further Wall Cap clips at these junctions.
    • Wall Cap 200 should be used for flanking walls and Wall Cap 400 for cavity party walls.
    • Once all walls have been isolated, install the precast floor planks in the usual manner.
    • All wall /floor junctions must be isolated in the same manner as the build continues upwards.
    • Wall Cap 200 membranes can be overlapped where necessary.


    For optimum acoustic isolation, the party cavity wall should have Monarfloor® Bridgestop® built in at every storey and flanking walls isolated from the precast floor slab with Monarfloor® Isolation Strip.

  • Downloads - Datasheets & Product Information Sheets

    On this page you can download our information and documentation in one place. Click on any of the acrobat icons below and the brochure will start to download.


    download pdf Monarfloor Acoustic Systems - Product Guide (ICO2833)
    download pdf Monarfloor Acoustic Systems - Product Guide - Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland - (ICO3036)
    download pdf  Monarfloor Acoustic Systems - Mini Guide (ICO2833)
    download pdf Monarfloor Acoustic Systems - Price List
    download pdf Monarfloor 4 Credits Solutions (ICO1890)


    Product Information Sheets

    download pdf Wall Cap 200 System (ICO1814)


    Installation Guides

    download pdf Wall Cap 200 & 400 Installation Instructions (ICO2151)


    CAD Library

    download pdf Wall Cap System within a Typical Timber Frame Flanking Wall & Party Floor (ICO1997)
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