Monarfloor Bridgestop

  • Superior acoustic isolation performance.
  • Can be used as an isolator for steel.
  • Permits the use of a continual slab between dwellings.
  • Specified within Robust Details E-WM-19 & A2
  • 4 credits for the Code for Sustainable Homes. 
Acoustic Isolation System for Party Walls on Raft Foundations or a Continual Slab.

Monarfloor Bridgestop isolates both masonry leafs from each other, preventing an acoustic bridge by the collection of mortar at the base of the cavity. Monarfloor Bridgestop also isolates the party walls from the concrete sub-floor, reducing acoustic flanking, and improving the damping.

Where used with a gas or radon barrier, Monarfloor Bridgestop will ensure the integrity of the barrier from possible damage from mortar droppings.




Product Range

Product Code Description Roll

Monarfloor Bridgestop System kit
(comprising 1 roll of Bridgestop Membrane, 2 rolls of Bridgestop Quilt and 40 Bridgestop Ties)

500mm x 3mm x 8m
2003598 Monartile Underlay Membrane 500mm x 3mm x 8m


Product Data and Performance

Product Data
Composition: Bridgestop  Quilt – reconstituted polyetherpolyurethane.
Bridgestop High Performance Acoustic Membrane
Material thickness: Bridgestop Quilt – 10mm.
Bridgestop High Performance Acoustic Membrane – 3mm


Performance Data
DnT,w: 64dB
DnT,w + Ctr: 56dB
Typical values based on 100mm cavity
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