Monarfloor Tranquilt

Lightweight Acoustic Isolation System For Floating Screeds on new-build projects.

Monarfloor® Tranquilt® reduces impact and flanking sound transmission within pre-cast and in-situ concrete separating party floors in new-build and refurbishment projects by forming an isolation layer between the sub-floor and the finished screed.

When installed as part of a complete sound reduction system it enables a concrete floor to surpass the performance requirement's of Approved Document E of the Building Regulations, and provide high credits towards EcoHomes & The Code for Sustainable Homes. 

Tranquilt System, Lightweight Acoustic Isolation System For Floating Screed 

Features & Benefits

  • Isolates finished screed from the sub floor reducing sound transmission.
  • Has superior dynamic stiffness and acoustic isolation performance.
  • Superior acoustic damping properties.
  • One part system with integral flanking, jointing and corners that are formed in-situ.
  • Can be used with sand/cement and proprietary screeds without the need for additional polythene or waterproofing membrane.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle and install.
  • Surpasses performance requirements of Approved Document E of the Building Regulations.
  • For sites that are to be pre-completion sound tested, Tranquilt provides a quick and easy route to up to 4 cost neutral Sustainable Homes Credits (when used as part of a system).
  • Specified within Robust Details E-FC-11.
  • Product Range

    Product Code Description Dimension Weight (approx) Unit of Sale
    3006276 Monarfloor Tranquilt 10mm x 1500mm x 20m 17.5 Kg Per Roll
  • Product Data and Performance

    Product Data:
    Composition: Composite system comprising a layer of LRAC foam sealed both sides with a polyethylene membrane
    Material Thickness: 10mm


    Performance Data:
    DnT,w + Ctr: 50dB
    LnT,w: ≤50dB

    Typical mean values based on 150mm precast planks.

    Integration With Underfloor Heating:
    Application: Isolation With Floating Screed.
    Subfloor: Concrete Deck
    Underfloor Heating System: Electric Mat / Piped Water
    Application: Lay within / or under the Screed
    Effect on heating performance: None
    Notes: For Monarfloor Floating Floor Treatments, Underfloor Heating Systems should be laid over the Acoustic Floating Floor.

    Monarfloor LRAC foam's for most densities has a thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK.

    Any Electric Underfloor Heating System must comply with the BSI 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations.

    All Underfloor Heating Systems must be installed in accordance with the manufacturers details.

    Any Underfloor Heating System detail must follow Monarfloor's guidance.
  • Installation Video

  • Installation Guide

    Monarfloor® Tranquilt® over 65mm sand/cement screed and 150mm precast concrete plank.

    Monarfloor® Tranquilt® over 65mm sand/cement screed and 150mm precast concrete plank
    1 Integral Flanking   3 150mm hollow core plank
    2 Monarfloor® Tranquilt® System   4 65mm sand/cement screed


    Installation at a glance

    • Ensure concrete sub floor is structurally sound, clean and dry.
    • Roll out Monarfloor Tranquilt over the concrete sub floor with the jointing strip to the upper surface face. It is advised that all the Tranquilt be loose laid out over whole floor area to ensure that it’s positioned correctly before joining.
    • Turn the perimeter edges up to all perimeters, 150mm minimum.
    • Butt edges tightly together, with the overlapping polyethylene uppermost and glue to adjoining Tranquilt using Monarfloor Acoustic Adhesive.
    • Form the corners to the contour of the up-stands and adhere with Monarfloor Acoustic Adhesive. Ensure sufficient upstand to fold over to flank any skirting or architrave.
    • Lay a minimum of 65mm sand and cement or minimum 40mm proprietary screed over the Tranquilt.
    • Complete construction and install skirting using the protruding Tranquilt to form an isolation between skirting and screed, trimming off any excess flush with the skirting.


  • Downloads - Datasheets & Product Information Sheets

    On this page you can download our information and documentation in one place. Click on any of the acrobat icons below and the brochure will start to download.


    download pdf Monarfloor Acoustic Systems - Product Guide (ICO2833)
    download pdf Monarfloor Acoustic Systems - Product Guide - Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland - (ICO3036)
    download pdf  Monarfloor Acoustic Systems - Mini Guide (ICO2833)
    download pdf Monarfloor Acoustic Systems - Price List
    download pdf Monarfloor 4 Credits Solutions (ICO1890)


    Product Information Sheets

    download pdf Monarfloor Tranquilt System (ICO1096)


    Installation Guides

    download pdf Tranquilt Installation Guide (ICO1809)


    CAD Library

    download pdf Generic Party Wall / Party Floor Detail - CfSH  3 Credit System (ICO1998)
    download pdf Generic Party Wall / Party Floor Detail  (ICO2386)
    download pdf Typical Precast Concrete Plank & Screedflo Anhydrite Screed (ICO1986)
    download pdf Typical Precast Concrete Plank & Proprietary Screed (ICO1754)
    download pdf Typical Precast Concrete Plank & Floating Screed (ICO1375)
    download pdf Typical Beam & Block Floor with Screedflo Anhydrite Screed (ICO1985)
    download pdf Typical Beam & Block Floor with Proprietary Screed (ICO1753)
    download pdf Typical Beam & Block Floor with Floating Screed (ICO1753)
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