Monarfloor Fastfloor Acoustic Cassette Flooring Systems - Intermediate Floors (Houses)

Monarfloor IWS Fastfloor Cassette Flooring Systems - Intermediate Floors (Houses)

The intermediate floor is a simple to use, fully accredited acoustic floor system that delivers real benefits. A unique top hung detail with reinforcing plate providing accredited performance.

Independently tested market leading acoustics – up to 4 dB better than current requirements. A typical intermediate floor can achieve a sound reduction of 43dB with 220mm IWS-Joists with 12.5mm ceiling at 600mm joist centres.

With ancillary products such as ply gusset plates, backer, filler and squash blocks not required. Mid-span blocking/strutting can be omitted, a reduction in the range and number of connectors, and the effective, short (during construction) and long-term fire protection, gives a real robust floor system to the market.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Solid timber construction, possessing very reliable strength and stiffness characteristics..
    • The only engineered joist on the market today pre-treated to provide robust fire protection and prevent against insect attack, wood decay and water ingress. This allows it to retain its strength and straightness characteristics both during and after the build process.
    • The floor delivers superior acoustic performance, complying with all UK Building Regulations. Minimum specification floors without requiring insulation, sub-decks or additional layers of plasterboard.
    • Our floor can achieve sound reduction of 43dB with 220mm Joists with 12.5mm ceiling at 600mm joist centres.
    • Does not require ancillary products such as backer, filler, squash blocks, or ply gusset plates.
    • Service voids can be pre-machined in the product to allow the quick and trouble free installation of cables, pipes, SVP’s and HVAC systems.
    • Mid-span blocking/strutting can be omitted.
    • Reduces the range and number of connectors.
    • Faster build times - reduced site tolerances.
    • Brings major productivity gains to its partners’ manufacturing operations - standard house types.
    • Easy to nail.
    • Minimum waste.
    • All components identified.
    • Minimum number of connectors.
    • Castellation's ensure positive and quick location.
    • No mid-span blocking.
    • Factory manufactured Modern Methods of Construction floor.
  • Demonstration Video

  • Design and Specification

    We provide a full design service including specifications, drawings and calculations, prepared in line with the Building Regulations and Codes of Practice. The quality of our products and comprehensive guarantees safeguard your project while our extensive knowledge and expertise means we can advise you on the correct system for your project. As a multi material supplier we can specify the most appropriate solution without bias, ensuring that it is the best for your specific project requirements.

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