Monarfloor Flanking Band

An integral part to any acoustic floor, Monarfloor Flanking Band can be used to isolate floating floor treatments, services or anything to be isolated from the structure.

Acoustic Flanking Band designed to prevent the acoustic floating floor treatment making contact with the structure, reducing the flanking sound transmission. Supplied in standard & deep angled and flat versions to cover all applications, and floating floor installations.  Special widths are available POA.

Features & Benefits

  • Seals between the structure and acoustic flooring system.
  • Provides an expansion joint.
  • Easily cut and formed to suit all applications.
  • Can be bonded with Monarfloor High Performance Acoustic Adhesive.
  • Offers superior isolation performance.
  • Various size options to suit all applications. 

Product Range

Product Code Description  Size Pack Qty
3004547 Monarfloor Angled Flanking Band  6mm x 30mm x 25mm x 10m Per roll
3003345 Monarfloor 75 Flat Flanking Band  6mm x 75mm x 10m Per roll
3004524 Monarfloor 150 Flat Flanking Band  6mm x 150mm x 10m Per roll
3007315 Monarfloor 250 Flat Flanking Band  6mm x 250mm x 10m Per roll
3007390 Monarfloor 300 Flat Flanking Band  6mm x 300mm x 10m Per roll


Product Data and PerformanceMonarfloor Acoustic Flanking Band

Product Data:
Composition:  Flexible 6mm foam band
Material thickness:  6mm


Product Information Sheet

download pdf Monarfloor Flanking Band (ICO1757)

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