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Monarfloor Acoustic Systems is well recognised as the market leader for high performance acoustic flooring systems in the UK, offering a one-stop source of products, service, and technical support. Monarfloor’s product range is one of the largest in the UK covering new build, conversion, and refurbishment applications whether the floor structure is wood, steel, or concrete.

Monarfloor Acoustic Systems’ vision is to offer an exceptional acoustic experience to its client base; one which is unrivalled in the industry. To realise this vision, Monarfloor is aligned with The Building Performance Centre - Edinburgh Napier University, a well recognised centre of excellence in the built environment and specialists in acoustics, noise control, and sound insulation. Monarfloor also have close links with the NHBC, BBA, and registered ANC and UKAS accredited Sound Consultants. In addition, and to offer the highest quality sound reduction systems & solutions to a consistent basis.  All products incorporate Low Resonance Acoustic Chip [LRAC] foam technology, for which Monarfloor have full exclusive UK rights with Vita Group Limited. All principle manufacturing locations for the business centre around the North-West of England.

  • Monarfloor has full BBA accreditation for all Floating Floor Treatment solutions;
  • Monarfloor is a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network;
  • Monarfloor was a founder member of the Proprietary Acoustic System Manufacturers;
  • Monarfloor products exceed Appendix C of Robust Details for new-build projects;
  • Monarfloor are registered as a supplier member of the House Builders Federation;
  • Monarfloor products are approved for use with NHBC registered developments.

Monarfloor is part of the BMI Group

BMI GroupBMI UK & Ireland was established following the coming together of Redland and Icopal and is part of BMI Group - the largest manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions throughout UK and Europe with a significant presence in parts of Asia and South Africa. With more than 11,000 employees in 40 countries, the Group runs over 150 production facilities worldwide and is headquartered in London.

With a UK manufacturing heritage in roofing dating back to 1837, BMI produces and supplies a comprehensive range of concrete, clay, metal and reconstituted slate tiles, reinforced bitumen membranes, single-ply systems and liquid waterproofing solutions as well as an extensive collection of fittings, components and building membranes. In the UK and Ireland these are sold under some of the market's best-known brands including Redland, Icopal, Cambrian, Metal, Rosemary Hydrostop, and Wolfin.

These market-leading quality, engineered roofing technologies are complemented by a dedication to customer service excellence, unrivalled innovation, expert technical support and a superb training offer.

The BMI Group is headquartered in London and generated revenues of more than EUR 2 billion in 2016. 

Total building protection from a single source

When you deal with Icopal Monarfloor you’ll enjoy all the advantages of sourcing a full range of top brand products from one supplier. Your administration is simplified and your control over procurement is improved offering opportunities for even better value.


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