Contractor likes the sound of Monarfloor Tranquilt


A three-storey apartment building being constructed at Sealand in Flint, has featured the use of Icopal’s Monarfloor Tranquilt acoustic membrane. The product played an important role in helping to achieve compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations, the resistance to the passage of sound, in the multiple-occupancy structure.

Part of the Gateway to Wales project, the Maes Helyg development is being built for the Pennaf Housing Group to provide a total of 15 two-bed apartments and half a dozen single bedroom dwellings for affordable rent. The group manages some 5,600 homes across Wales, providing both general needs accommodation and elderly care facilities.

The design & build contractor, Anwyl Construction, had previously made use of Tranquilt for another social housing development in Wrexham, and found it ideal for addressing the issue of acoustic transmission and flanking sound through floor slabs.

The Design Manager for Anwyl Construction, Martin Gunn, commented: “While this was a design and build project, and we could have employed whichever products we wanted, we saw no need to change the performance specification for the acoustic membrane; having used Icopal’s Tranquilt successfully on a couple of other projects.

“It worked very successfully then and, interestingly, although this project is making use of Robust Details for all the acoustic requirements, the organisation (Robust Details Ltd.) has just chosen the building to carry out one of its routine inspections with in-situ testing. They have to test RDs every 12 months to confirm they are still working correctly, and we are confident all the systems will pass.”

In total 1200m² of Tranquilt, supplied through merchant CCF, has been installed by the screeding contractor, Merseyside based John Cothliff Ltd., working in accordance with the manufacturer’s application guidance.

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Contractor likes the sound of Monarfloor Tranquilt


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